Analysis of Sindh School Monitoring System Smartphone App of Government Schools of Sindh


  • Imtiaz Ali Halepoto Department of Software Engineering, QUEST Nawabshah
  • Kaleem Ghori
  • Fayaz Ahmed Memon
  • Ali Raza
  • Baqir Ali Zardari



The attendance of employees is crucial in both public and private organizations as it indicates their dedication. In the schools of Government of Sindh the monitoring of attendance of teachers has become increasingly challenging, for that, the Government of Sindh has introduced an android based smart phone app called the Sindh School Monitoring Management System (SSMS app) in April 2016 to collect, analyze and disseminate the real-time data regarding school, teachers and students. The app was implemented in 15 districts in the first phase and has since been expanded to cover the entire province, resulting in improved teachers attendance, education quality and school monitoring at government schools. Previously, attendance was tracked manually, which was not secured and had flaws such as teachers not adhering to policy for signature, timing and signing in advance. While the SSMS app has improved the performance, it still faces implementation and design challenges. This research examines the SSMS app in detail, highlighting its weaknesses and aiming to improve its efficiency through a questionnaire designed with input from experts. An analysis is presented based on the feedback of monitoring assistants (MAs) on the indicators such as teacher’s attendance, punctuality, multi modal representation of SSMS, monitoring, data collection, data loading, data fetching.


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