Orthognal Zones for Interference Migration in 2.4 GHz Mesh Backhaul


  • shazia abbasi Faculty of engg. and technology
  • Khalil Khoumbati
  • Muhammad Memon
  • Shahzad Memon




Wireless Mesh Networks (WMN), Backhaul, Orthogonal,Non-orthogonal


Managing interference in the multi-radio networks is critical challenge; problem becomes even more serious in 2.4 GHz band due to minimal availability of orthogonal channels. This work attempts to propose a channel assignment scheme for interference zones of 2.4 GHz backhaul of Wireless Mesh Networks (WMN). The static nodes of Infrastructure based Backhaul employing directional antennas to connect static nodes, orthogonal channel zones introducing Interference are formatted with the selection of single tire direct hop and two tier directional hopes. The effort maintain the orthogonality of channels on system thus reduce the co-channel interference between inter flow and intra flow links. Group of non-overlapping channels of selected band are obtained by a mathematical procedure, interference is modeled by directed graph and Channel assignment is carried out with the help of greedy algorithms. Experimental analysis of the technical proposal is done by simulation through OPNET 14. Our framework can act as an imperative way to enhance the network performance resulting a leading improvement in system throughput and reduction in system delay


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